SEEK: Salford Environment for Expertise and Knowledge

How do I use SEEK?

Searching for research output

Simply enter a surname or keyword into the search box located in the left hand menu and click the “search” button. SEEK will return all matches for researcher profiles, publications and research projects.

SEEK search results screen

The search results screen will display any researcher profile matches first. To view publications or projects, click the required view button located in the top right hand corner of the page.

Researcher Profile View

The researcher profile view displays all surname matches plus all the authors and investigators for any publication or project matches. SEEK will display the number of publications and projects matching your search term next to the surname of the researcher. Researcher profile results are displayed in alphabetical order.

Clicking on the researcher name will take you to the researchers’ SEEK profile where you can view details of all their research activities and interests.

Publications View

The publications view displays all publications matching your search term, ordered in reverse chronological order by publication date. You can view the publication details by simply clicking on the publication title.

Projects View

The projects view displays all research projects matching your search term, ordered in reverse chronological order by start date. You can view the project details by simply clicking on the project title.

Browsing SEEK Profiles

You can browse all SEEK researcher profiles by clicking the “Browse Profiles” link from the left hand menu. SEEK will display all the researcher profiles filtered by surname. Click on the letters of the alphabet at the top of the page to view profiles for surnames beginning with that letter.

16 June 2011