SEEK: Salford Environment for Expertise and Knowledge

SEEK latest: Easier log-in, better functionality

SEEK pages are now also searchable in Google and other search engines, and we've improved the functionality of the text editor for your academic interests and abstracts.

This adds to the improvements made to date, which include:

  • Redesigned profiles in the standard University web template
  • Publications displaying as full Harvard references
  • New homepage and navigation
  • Simplified data entry forms for the personal profile
  • Easy to use search facility embedded in left-hand menu
  • New search results screens
  • Background technical improvements

This is the first release of SEEK version 2, and further improvements are scheduled for later in the year. These include:

  • Modification of System Administration functions
  • Development of the Annual Research Report functionality (including a redesigned Targets section)
  • Improved reports
  • New functionality enabling users to save and print profile information in a number of formats
  • Integration with University software so that users can login with their network username and password
  • Integration with the University's Institutional Repository (USIR)
16 June 2011