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Prof Andy Miah
Prof Andy Miah
postal addressPeel Building, G50, Salford, Greater Manchester, UK, CH48 3HX.
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Key Memberships
Full Member of Research Centre: Biomedical Research Centre
From September 2015 to present.
From December 2014 to August 2015.
Profile Summary

“Andy Miah is the Renaissance man of the enhancement enlightenment”Kristi Scott, H+ Magazine

“Andy Miah is no ordinary academic. Part futurologist, part philosopher, his work on the science of sport grew to encompass bioethics, medical law and now covers all aspects of the way technology impacts on human beings” The Scotsman

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I am Chair in Science Communication & Future Media at the University of Salford and all of my research engages with the aesthetic, ethical, cultural and policy issues arising from emerging technology. Among my leadership roles institutionally are advisory memberships and committee presence on: Industry Collaboration Zones, Athena SWAN, REF Impact, Science Communication, and the Emerging Technologies Group.

I have spent considerable time researching the Internet along with human enhancement technologies. I have been involved with numerous international projects in these areas, notably a European Parliament Science and Technology Options Assessment in Human Enhancement (2009); a United Kingdom Select Committee Inquiry into Human Enhancement Technologies in Sport (2007); a European Commission inquiry into Digital Futures (2012), a NBIC European Commission inquiry (2012) and numerous projects based at The Hastings Center, New York. I am currently part of the Scottish Government Ministerial Advisory Group for Digital Participation, which oversees the implementation of Scotland’s Digital Charter.

I have an Honours degree in Science, a PhD in Bioethics and a Master Degree in Law. Within these degrees I also studied sociology, cultural studies, history of medicine, philosophy of technology and media theory. As a result of this exposure, my research expertise is best indicated by the category weighting of the posts in this website and broadly encompasses an interest in the implications of technological and scientific discoveries for humanity.

There are two principal categories of ideas that inform my work: biology and computing.  Areas that I’ve focused on recently include studying the implications of pervasive wireless connectivity, the convergence of scientific technological systems and the modification of biological matter through  nanotechnology  and gene transfer. Many of these studies are  transdisciplinary and  characterised as NBIC (nano-bio-info-cognitive) studies. Recent work has particularly examined the role of art and design in an era of biotechnology, often described as bioart or transgenic art or bioart.

Key Qualifications
This thesis investigates the use of sport technology to arrive at a coherent understanding of the ethical issues raised by genetic modification (GM) in sport. The approach draws upon methods in analytical philosophy, notably in the areas of applied philosophy and casuistlc reasoning. Beginning with a conceptualisation of technology in sport, the thesis develops discussions about the socio-philosophical significance of sport technology. Keywords: sport technology, genetic modification, bioethics, personhood, humanness, philosophy.
Dissertation focused on cybermedicine.
Key Projects
Public Engagement Spark Award 2018
STFC, 2,000.00.
Principal Investigator: A Miah (100%).
Cockcroft Institute Grant Support
STFC, 3,000.00.
Investigator: A Miah (100%).
British Council, 828.00.
Principal Investigator: A Miah (50%). Co-Investigator: E Ochu (50%).
Alienated Life? The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, 30 Years on
NERC, 7,500.00.
Principal Investigator: M Wood (80%). Co-Investigator: A Miah (20%).
Project Daedalus
NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts), 32,787.00.
Principal Investigator: A Miah (100%).
Key Presence
Industrial Collaboration and Exploitation