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From April 2015 to present.
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I am  passionate on undertaking research and exploring innovative solutions for organisations. My current research interests (but not limited) are:

Control and Modelling of supply chains: Applying control engineering and modelling techniques in supply chains are a great challenge due to the diverse complexity and the great variety of open-issues that it offers. In particular, the implementation of alternative PID tuning methods is of immense important in decentralised supply chains.

Supply chain dynamics exploration: While the majority of organisations operate in turbulent markets co-operation has been proved as a necessary condition in order organisations to become sustainable.

Logistics and supply chain integration through IoT. As supply chains in industry are changing rapidly, organisations should opt for resilient and robust dynamic manufacturing supply networks. In this context, I am interested in researching how companies can integrate their supply chain facilities and collaborate effectively with customers and other supply chain participants by building robust global supply chains and strong relationships based on Internet of Things.

Factories of the Future. Finding feasible solutions of how companies can transform their production layout towards sustainability and by following the research principles of the Factories of the Future (FoF). In particular I am interested in focusing on the following pillars: (i) Addressing economic performance across the supply chain (ii) Novel supply chain approaches for innovative products (iii) Complex event processing (CEP) for state detection and analytics in supply networks and (iv) Collaborative demand and supply planning, traceability, and execution.

Big Data and cloud systems for supply chain management. Supply chains in the future will have to deal with large data volumes. My research involves the implementation of advanced optimisation techniques through big data analysis and use of cloud computing to enable effective decision-making, co-operation, storage capacity problems and supply sourcing.


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Thesis: Modelling, control and optimisation of supply chains and production processes
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