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Dr Tracy Crossley
Dr Tracy Crossley
postal addressRoom A111, Adelphi Building.
telephone+44 (0)161 295 7151
Key Memberships
Member of School: School of Arts & Media
From September 2012 to present.
Full Member of Research Centre: Arts, Media and Communication Research Centre
From September 2015 to present.
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Research interests inlcude:

Contemporary Performance Practice, Postdramatic Theatre.

Key Qualifications
My thesis explores the dynamic interrelationship of vision and visuality in mainstream cinema and experimental theatre practice and is informed by the work of Jacques Lacan and Jean-Francois Lyotard. Drawing on debates in visual art, film and theatre criticism, I interrogate a dominant strand of antiocular discourse in post-structuralist theory, which is linked to the rise of a language centred ontology and a resistance to specular identification. On a general level, I argue that this hostility to vision theoretically limits the capacities of the human imagination and the constitutive role of the sensible dimension of vision upon the intelligible in effecting transformations in representational orders. The thesis examines anamorphosis in contemporary cinema by focusing on films which are linked by their experimentation with theatrical techniques and their thematic negotiations of temporal dynamics in vision. Through my readings of these works, I conclude that the blind spot of perception is also the site where transformations in visuality occur. The thesis then addresses the political and ethical implications of the clash between the sensible and the intelligible fields of visuality in the domain of theare and theatricality. I argue that the opening of vision within the perspectival frameworks of the works I analyse, places the spectator in an ethical situation whereby, in order to assume a point of view on the conflicts they exhibit, we are forced to consider the investments of our desires in effecting the form of that which we see.
Key Presence
Conference Presentations
This presentation presents the findings following the completion of a 3 year intervention in Personal Tutoring, conducted in the Directorate of Music and Performance at the University of Salford, This project was part of a nationa... more >>.