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Dr Claudia Trillo
Dr Claudia Trillo
Key Memberships
From August 2015 to present.
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 Marie Curie Research grant from the Horizon 2020 program, financed by the European Union, RISE, on the project MAPS LED  (2015-2019). Secured funds: 1.512.000,00 €

 Marie Curie Research grant from the 7th European Research Framework Program, financed by the European Union, IRSES, on the project: CLUDs (2010-2014). Secured funds: 638.400,00 €

 BESECURE, financed by the EU, 7th FP (2010-2014). The project addreses urban safety and security issues in European cities.

 Researcher in Urban Planning and Evaluation at the University of Naples “Federico II”, Faculty of Architecture, Naples, Italy (2011-2012 and 2008-2009)

 Fulbright Senior Researcher at the San Diego State University, CA (2007-2008) on a research program on the topic “Smart Growth a possible model”. The research goal was to carry on in depth analysis on the implementation of Smart Growth in the San Diego region.