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From February 2015 to present.
From February 2015 to August 2015.
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I graduated from Fuzhou University in China obtaining a first class honours degree in Mechatronics in 2002 and my MSc in Mechanical Engineering in 2005. I was appointed Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in 2005 and joined King’s College London in 2007 pursuing my PhD in the area of Computational Kinematics, Mechanisms and Robotics. I received my PhD degree in Robotics in 2012 from King’s College London where I was appointed Research Assistant in 2009 and then Research Associate in 2012. I joined the University of Salford in 2015 as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. I published over 80 peer-reviewed papers in the fields of Mechanisms and Robotics, Manipulation and Grasping, Bio-robotics and medeical robotics and Mechanical Design, and was awarded over ten patents.

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Development of 3D Printing Buildings for Constructing Sustainable Homes
Royal Academy of Engineering, £7,500.00.
Principal Investigator: G Wei (100%).
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Wei, G., Aminzadeh, V., and Dai, J. S., 2011, Prehension Analysis and Manipulability of an Anthropomorphic Metamorphic Hand with a Reconfigurable Palm, Proceeding of the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimeti... more >>.
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Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science (Proc. IMechE Part C)