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Mr Paul Haywood
Mr Paul Haywood
postal addressSchool of Art and Design, Allerton Studios, , University of Salford, Frederick Road ,, Salford, Greater Manchester, England, M6 6PU.
Key Memberships
Member of School: School of Arts & Media
From September 2012 to October 2013.
Full Member of Research Centre: Centre for Social Business
From May 2013 to October 2013.
From July 2012 to October 2013.
Full Member of Research Centre: Contemporary Fine Art & Critical Theory
From January 2010 to June 2012.
Profile Summary
As a practitioner Paul Haywood has diverse interests. He mostly collaborates with other artists, designers, educators and community governance professionals and volunteers. He has a continuing interest in 'live' performance and installation through a more regular engagement with social intervention, regeneration and public art projects. In recent years he has developed a range of approaches to the use of art processes to encourage pedagogic engagement. Over the past five years he has maintained a steady involvement in projects that employ creative research in public planning and development of the built environment. Since 2000 Paul Haywood has been working with various partners and individuals to extend their role as social facilitators and activists. One of his core interests is to question the logic and rationale of urban redevelopment. He shares an interest in hidden histories, social memories and 'derelict' landscapes that have resulted in a range of entirely 'process' led investigations of site or place. Paul Haywood's collaborations with Maxine Kennedy largely focus on outcomes that are funded as public art. They utilise creative survey and observational strategies to accrue knowledge and information from specific sites. The normal process is to build a portfolio of evidence; visuals, sound, stories, from a site in question. The usual outcome is one or a series of design briefs for products that will add to the identity of a site or specify a particular history. They have further collaborated with architects, manufacturers and engineering companies to evolve products that are very precisely located to the communities of physical spaces. Paul Haywood's performance and installation activities are similarly connected to site or setting. They attempt an improvised response to context and utilised either plagiarised or fictional narratives to extend the range of possible structures that frame the experience of the work. He has been working with ideas related to scale and composition, limiting the timeframe to short and concise phrases. He has been collaborating with sound artist Helmut Lemke since the late 80's and has started to experiment with film media. Most performance work is concerned with legacy and evidence of action.
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Conference Presentations
International Conference on Art in Society, Edinburgh, August 2006
Embodiments of Change Conference; Welfare State International, March 2005
International Conference on Discourse, Power and Resistance; Manchester, March 2007
External Examiner Duties
BA(Hons) Fine Art, Calderdale College, Leeds Metropolitan University; 2005/2006.

External Examiner for Masters of Arts by Research.


External Examiner for BA(Hons) Fine Art at Glyndwr and Bangor.


BA(Hons) Fine Art, Bradford College, Bradford University; 2003/2004, 2004/2005, 2005/2006

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Principal Investigator - ‘Supporting arts and enterprise skills in communities through engagement with the local area’. £287,000 over three years, Co-re... more >>.

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Associate Editor to assist peer review process.


Associate Editorship for peer review process