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Prof Hisham Elkadi
Prof Hisham Elkadi
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From August 2014 to present.
From September 2015 to present.
Profile Summary

 Professor Hisham Elkadi is the Dean of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Salford. His research is in urban regeneration and cultural built heritage.  He has attracted a number of funded projects amount to £20M including funded projects from ERDF, AHRC, EU FP6 NoE, EU Peace programme, Australia and UK Government funds, and many others. 


Hisham has been involved in outreach heritage programmes in England, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, Spain, Pakistan and Australia.  Hisham has been involved in outreach programmes with the local and international communities for Heritage conservation in England, Italy, Turkey, Vietnam, and Australia. He initiated and led community based projects such as  ‘up the wall’ in interface locations in London Derry, as a founder member of World Association Towards the Protection of Cultural Heritage (WATCH) in Rome, VISION2 in Geelong (Aus). His appointment to the Ministry Advisory Group for the Built Environment in Northern Ireland, and a board member of the Greater Manchester of Low Carbon Board are recognitions of his commitment to regeneration of inner cities. 


Having a wealth of successful experience as a researcher and research leader, Hisham is well qualified to create an effective and successful research culture through fostering research collaborations, establishing research partnerships, and community engagement projects.


Hisham has successfully recruited and supervised a large number of research students with excellent completion rates (25+). He is regularly invited as external examiner at many Universities including Harvard GSD, the University of Toronto, Edinburgh, Newcastle (Australia), and many others. Hisham has a large number of publications (140+), 5 books, and graduated 19 Ph.D. students. His recent projects include ERDF Energy House 2 (£19M), AHRC MOVE project (£234K), Geelong Urban Food Hub (2014), Victoria State Government ($108,000), Development of an Ecological Spine and WMC, Living Victoria Fund ($50,000), VISION II (2013), New Vision for the City of Geelong CBD, DPCD ($175,000), and Mapping Noise in Residential Areas of Melbourne (2012), Victoria ($50,000), Environmental Analysis of Public Buildings, (2010) City of White Horse (AUD$30K), Perception of Religious Architecture among Children (2009) AHRC, UK (50K), Realising Integrated Sustainable Communities in Deconstructed Interface Environmens (2008), Peace Programme, EU and Community Relation Council, UK (£ 130,000), Understanding the Built Heritage in NI(2005), Art Council NI & CRC (£29,000), and Sustainable Development in a Diverse World (SUS.DIV), PF6 Network of Excellence, (Euro 4,900,000-share €250K). In 2014, he also collaborated with Sinan University on a research project on daylight performance in heritage sites in Istanbul and Bursa.


One of the main objectives I have set for myself is to build capacity for Global engagement and partnershipswithin the immediate community as well as internationally, with all levels of government[1]and relevant professional bodies. To this end, I have been extensively involved in building external relationships and outreach programmes. This work includes profile raising through the giving public lectures, making successful bids for community initiatives and supporting applied research and many other activities.[1]  

[1]Since 2012, he has made a large number of public speeches, 40 press and radio national releases, and 3 public community initiatives that have attracted significant media attention in Australia and the UK. The project to regenerate the City of Geelong City centre, ViSION2, was championed by the Victoria Premier and Minister of Regional Cities in Australia. Similarly he has currently engaged with the development of a smart city in Haimen in China.

[1]Professor Elkadi is currently a member of Greater Manchester’s New Economy Low Carbon Hub committee; joint collaboration

Key Qualifications
Key Projects
IGNITION - Innovative financing and delivery of natural climate solutions in Greater Manchester
ERDF, £1,238,748.00.
Principal Investigator: H Elkadi (20%). Co-Investigators: P James (15%), W Swan (15%), M Taleghani (10%), R Fitton (15%), I Kenawy (10%), N Davies (15%).
Subjectification of UK and Russian Smart Cities
British Council, £51,940.00.
Principal Investigator: H Elkadi (40%). Co-Investigators: Z Aziz (20%), S Biscaya (40%).
Developing Jordan's Roadmap for Energy Efficient and Carbon Neutral Buildings
British Council, £23,800.00.
Principal Investigator: Z Aziz (90%). Co-Investigators: H Elkadi (10%), J Underwood (0%).
UK Vietnam Higher Education Partnership
British Council, £31,000.00.
Principal Investigator: Z Aziz (60%). Co-Investigator: H Elkadi (40%).
Monitoring Object and Visitor Environments (MOVE)
AHRC, £188,498.00.
Principal Investigator: H Elkadi (35%). Co-Investigators: R Fitton (5%), S Al-Maiyah (30%), I Kenawy (30%).
Key Publications
Refereed Journal Articles