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Dr Joe Latimer
Dr Joe Latimer
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From August 2016 to October 2016.
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I moved to the University of Salford in August 2016 as Lecturer in Antimicrobial Resistance at the School of Environment and Life Sciences. My research and teaching interests are antimicrobials, resistance, bacterial pathogenesis, the human microbiome, skin microbiology and biofilms

For millions of years, we have been evolving alongside a host of microbes that live on us, in us and which help us to survive. ‘We’ interact with ‘them’ constantly but we are only just starting to figure out what these interactions are and what they might mean.

My research focuses on characterising some of these interactions, looking at how bacteria adapt to life on Planet Human and how we, in turn, respond to these changes. I want to know what happens when these interactions are disturbed through injury and antibiotic use. I am also interested in how different microbes interact with each other on human tissues and the roles of biofilms in this process.

If we can dissect these complex relationships, we might hope to eventually develop much smarter ways to combat infection and antibiotic resistance.  

I hope to enthuse a new generation of microbiologists in all things bacteria and instil a healthy respect for the promises and dangers of antimicrobial use!

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