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Dr Jeannette Roddy
Dr Jeannette Roddy
Key Memberships
Member of School: School of Health & Society
From June 2017 to present.
Profile Summary

As a counsellor, I am very interested in both conducting and supervising research into counselling. I have a special interest in exploring the experience of receiving counselling, as I feel it is important to understand both parties views within the counselling process. My main research is in exploring the client view of domestic violence counselling (currently male victims of female perpetrated abuse in the UK) with a view to developing the existing preferred client model of counselling practice developed as part of my PhD. This PhD research has been extended to develop a proposed competency framework for domestic violence counselling, from a client rather than practitioner view.

My research interests include the following topics:

·         Domestic violence

·         Counselling competencies

·         Measuring counselling outcomes

·         Counselling process

·         Therapeutic relationship

·         Compassion

·         Trust

·         Hope

·         Counselling model development

Key Qualifications
This PhD was undertaken at York St John University, supported by the award of a PhD studentship. The research involved interviewing 20 participants (male and female) who had experienced domestic violence perpetrated by their partner and accessed counselling. The study involved 4 agencies from England and Eire. Data was analysed using adapted grounded theory and resulted in a model of preferred counselling practice as seen from the client perspective.
Key Presence
External Examiner Duties

 I am an External Examiner for the BSc (Hons) Counselling degree.

Honorary Posts (e.g. Visiting Appointments)

 I am working with the Counselling Clinic at York St John to try out the counselling model and counsellor competency framework models developed for domestic violence counselling.