SEEK: Salford Environment for Expertise and Knowledge
Key Memberships
Member of School: Salford Business School
From April 2013 to present.
Full Member of Research Centre: Business and Management Research Centre
From September 2015 to present.
Member of College: College of Business & Law
From April 2013 to August 2015.
Profile Summary

Prof. Chang’s research focuses on human resource management (e.g. human capital, artificial intelligence management, strategic employee management and workplace behaviour). His research reputation and evidence of knowledge transfer has demonstrated via 2008RAE/2013REF/REF2021, invited workshops/keynote speakers and 100s publications. He has presented papers at conferences in fifteen different countries around the world. His research projects have theoretical implications for academic knowledge and contribute to the evolution of human resource theories. Moreover, in order to promote the research impact, Prof. Chang has worked closely with press medias and commented on employee behaviour and management related issues. 



CIPD-Chartered Institute of Personnel Development,


Manufacturing Management,

Salford News Office,

Salford Press,



Aerospace Manufacturing,

BBC Nottingham and British Psychological Society,

Channel Info,

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