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From July 2015 to present.
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 Norman is a reader in marketing. The following is some of his recent publications: 


4* papers

Chen, A., Peng, N., & Hung, K-P. (2015). Chef Image’s Influence on Tourists’ Dining Experiences. Annals of Tourism Research, accepted.

Chen, A., Peng, N., & Hung, K-P. (2015). Examining tourists’ loyalty toward cultural quarters. Annals of Tourism Research, 51, 59-63.

Peng, N. and Chen, A. (2014). Recommending green hotels to consumers. Annals of Tourism Research, 48(1), 284-289.

Chen, A. and Peng, N. (2012). Green hotel knowledge and tourists’ staying behavior. Annals of Tourism Research, 39(4), 2211-2216.

Hung, K-P., Chen, A. and Peng, N. (2012). The constraints for taking pets to leisure activities. Annals of Tourism Research, 39(1), 487-495.

Chen, A., Hung, K-P. and Peng, N. (2011) Planned leisure behaviour and pet attachment. Annals of Tourism Research, 38(4), 1657-1662.


3* papers

Chen, A., Peng, N., and Hung, K-p. (2015).Strategic Management of Salespeople when Promoting New Products – Moderating effects of sales-related organizational psychological climate. European Journal of Marketing, 49(9/10), 1616-1644.

Chen, A., Peng, N., and Hung, K-p. (2015). Managing salespeople strategically when promoting new products- Incorporating market orientation into a sales management control framework. Industrial Marketing Management, 47, 147-155.

Peng, N., Chen, A, and Hung, K-P. (2015). The effects of luxury restaurant environment on diners’ emotions and loyalty: Incorporating diner expectations into an extended Mehrabian-Russell model. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 27(2), 236-260.

Peng, N. and Chen, A. (2014). Examining Chinese consumers’ luxury hotel staying behavior. International Journal of Hospitality Management. 39, 53-56.  

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