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Dr Fiona MacVane Phipps
Dr Fiona MacVane Phipps
Key Memberships
From December 2015 to present.
From December 2015 to present.
Profile Summary

I am a Senior Lecturer for Midwifery Research with a remit to stimulate research activities, including PhD registration and completion within the Directorate of Midwifery, Counselling & Psychotherapy.

My own research interests include all aspects of midwifery & neonatal care, art & pedagogy, interprofessional health education, and models of care which offer and value maternal choice. I also have long-standing interests in the governance of health care and am review editor for the International Joural of Health Governance (IJHG). My own PhD  (University of Bradford 2006), entitled Midwifery Knowledge and the medical student experience, used a problem based learning (PBLr) research methodology to explore medical students' experiences of working with midwives.

I am currently putting together an interprofessional resarch team to explore the place and value of art within interprofessional health education. Using the BirthRite collection, the only international art collection which focuses solely on birth, health professional student participants will be offered the opportunity to explore what the art collection means to them and will be encouraged to apply these ideas to an interprofessional model of education.

Another project in the planning stages is a whole-team project on the use of simulated learning in all years of the midwifery programme throughout an academic year.

The Midwifery team is also holding discussions about 3 projects involving outside agencies or commercial businesses. One of these is rapidly moving from the discussion to the planning stage. More information will be released once final confirmations have been received and budgets agreed.

I have many years of midwifery practice and education behind me, but my passion remains, as it was when I first entered the midwifery profession, to make childbirth better for women and infants.

Key Qualifications
An associate degree is equivalent to the first 2 years of a 4-year BA or BSc programme in the USA.
I received a distinction for my dissertation on 'Pain in the early puerperium' which reported on an ethnographic study of women's experiences.
My final project evaluated the use of PBL as a teaching & learning startegy in midwifery education.
Midwifery Knowledge and the Medical Student Experience was a two stage project involving an international Delphi study into the nature of midwifery knowledge and followed by a longitudinal case study of a sample of medical students as they progressed through their year-4 obstetric rotation. The research methodology was constructivist, adapted from the concepts of Problem Based Learning, and used PBL scenarios, developed from the Delphi study data, as a data collection tool in the second stage of the research.