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Journal Article (Refereed)
January 2008

'Cox MS 39: A Rare Survival of Sermons Preached at Syon Abbey?'

Powell, S 2008, ''Cox MS 39: A Rare Survival of Sermons Preached at Syon Abbey?'', Medieval Sermon Studies, 52(1), pp.42-62.


Although the Birgittine house of Syon Abbey in Middlesex (founded by Henry V in 1415 and dissolved by Henry VIII in 1539) had a reputation for its preaching, it is a surprising fact that almost no Syon sermons survive today. In this context, a volume of sermons in the ownership of Dr Gregory Stevens Cox is of fundamental importance. Previously recorded only briefly, Cox MS 39 is the sole extant Syon manuscript to contain sermons which might have been preached at the Abbey. This article brings the manuscript to scholarly attention, presents an argument for its sermons having been preached at Syon, and offers a suggestion as to why the Syon corpus of preaching sermons appears to have inexplicably vanished.


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Medieval Sermon Studies