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January 1994

Review of Expert Systems for Chromatography

Bryant, C & Adam, A E & Taylor, D & Rowe, R 1994, 'Review of Expert Systems for Chromatography', Analytica Chimica Acta, 297(3), pp.317-347.


Expert systems for chromatography are reviewed. A taxonomy is proposed that allows present (and future) expert systems in this area to be classified and facilitates an understanding of their inter-relationship. All the systems are described focusing on the reasons for their development, what their purpose was and how they were to be used. The engineering methods, knowledge representations, tools and architectures used for the systems are compared and contrasted in a discussion covering all the stages of the development life cycle of expert systems. The review reveals that too often developers of expert systems for chromatography do not justify their decisions on engineering matters and that the literature suggests that many ideas advocated by knowledge engineers are not being used.


 ISSN 0003-2670


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R.C. Rowe

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Analytica Chimica Acta