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Journal Article (Refereed)
December 2007

'William Collins and Personification (Once Again)'

Bergstrom, C 2007, ''William Collins and Personification (Once Again)'', ANQ: American Notes and Queries, 20(4), pp.29-39.


Generally, critics have attributed Collins's use of personification to one or more of the following reasons: a deformed psychology (a writer in the grip of poetic despair or actually suffering mental disease); a lack of skill (a second-rate poet who could never write as well as the poets who he idolized); a lack of poetic maturity (early death); a poorly developed emotional understanding (early death); an inability to employ language suitable to the task (a second-rate poet who died young); and an inability to control a wayward fancy (a lack of discipline because youth or lack of psychological development). Thus, a further process of specification of the object must occur-the real job of personification, in fact--and, importantly, this process of making objects more specific can occur with invisible or visible objects.



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ANQ: American Notes and Queries