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November 2008

Social Collaboration: Joining Forces on the Digital Frontier

Adams, K & Adey, M 2008, Social Collaboration: Joining Forces on the Digital Frontier, (White paper), Creative commons, n/a, Switzerland and UK.


This paper uses the term 'social collaboration' as a starting point to unpick the assumptions of the industry that successful online collaboration is necessarily mass collaboration.  It overviews literature around social media and social collaboration at the time, and attempts to open up discussions of different practices of collaboration online.  It outlines how different platforms function and provides guidance on good practice. 



This was a paper written outside the academic referee system working with a Swiss company called Amazee before joining the University. The purpose of the paper was to open up discussion in the social media industry about how social collaboration works best and to unpick some of the assumptions current at the time.



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White paper

Creative commons
n/a, Switzerland and UK