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October 2009

Telepresent Embrace - Permanent Installation Exhibit for The PUBLIC Gallery

Sermon, P 2009, 'Telepresent Embrace - Permanent Installation Exhibit for The PUBLIC Gallery', exhibited at: The PUBLIC Gallery, West Bromwich, United Kingdom, on 16/10/2009.


Created by Paul Sermon (Salford, UK), Telepresent Embrace is an evolution of Paul Sermon’s work, (including Telematic Vision, which was one of the most impressive pieces in the Millennium Dome) and was therefore not created with input from local groups or organisations. It is a set of linked cameras that allow visitors to occupy the same screen as one another despite being in a different physical location in the gallery. Visitors sit on either a wooden or grey sofa and then appear on a screen located in front of the sofa. The exhibit is set up in such a way that the screen will show a combination of two camera views. 


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Publication Details

Exhibited Name
The PUBLIC Gallery

West Bromwich, United Kingdom

On 16/10/2009.