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October 2010

Telematic Dreaming at 'Borderless Reality'

Sermon, P 2010, 'Telematic Dreaming at 'Borderless Reality'', exhibited at: Nabi Art Centre, Seoul, Korea, from 13/10/2010 to 12/11/2010.


Paul Sermon exhibits Telematic Dreaming at the Nabi Art Centre in Seoul for the Borderless Reality Exhibition. Telematic Dreaming turns a bed into the support of high-resolution images that might show a partner, intimately alive although being thousand kilometers away. The light-intense projection of the other results in a remarkable suggestion which turns the touch of the projected body into an intimate action. Sermon aims at expanding the senses of the user, while it is obvious that the other cannot really be touched but that only swift, decisive, possibly tenderly reactive movements can experience the suggestion of touch—a moment of contemplation, as many users observed. The synaesthetical, sensual impression lets the hand and the eye fuse, and it is this effect that characterizes this work.


‘Borderless Reality,’ an exhibition co-organized by art center nabi, ISMAR 2010 and V2, will allow you to explore a borderless world developed from the point where physical reality and virtual layer become entangled in augmented and mixed reality technologies.  The exhibition is comprised of seven works: three entries ‘Augmented Shadow,’ ‘Frame Seductions,’ and ‘Fecundation’ selected from the Art Gallery of 9th ISMAR (IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality) 2010, and three works – ‘Mirror Scrutinizer,’ ‘RE:,’ ‘Serendipitor’ that are receiving support or being developed by Netherland’s V2 Lab, where augmented reality is one of their main research topics. art center nabi chose the classical piece ‘Telematic Dreaming’ by Paul Sermon, which adopts the augmented reality concept in the early 90’s.


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Exhibited Name
Nabi Art Centre

Seoul, Korea

From 13/10/2010 to 12/11/2010.