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November 2010

Liberate your Avatar; The Revolution will be social networked (Consciousness Reframed 11)

Sermon, P & Gould, C 2010 'Liberate your Avatar; The Revolution will be social networked (Consciousness Reframed 11)', in: Ascott, R & Gangvik, E & Jahrmann, M (eds.), Making Reality Really Real, Consciousness Reframed (11) edition, TEKS Publishing, Trondheim, Norway, pp.181-183.


This paper brings together the practice-based creative research of artists Charlotte Gould and Paul Sermon, culminating in a collaborative interactive installation that investigates new forms of social and political narrative in multi-user virtual environments. The authors' artistic projects deal with the ironies and stereotypes that are found within Second Life in particular. Paul Sermon’s current creative practice looks specifically at the concepts of presence and performance within Second Life and 'first life', and attempts to bridge these two spaces through mixed reality techniques and interfaces. Charlotte Gould’s Ludic Second Life Narrative radically questions the way that users embody themselves in on-line virtual environments and identifies a counter-aesthetic that challenges the conventions of digital realism and consumerism.


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Roy Ascott

Margarete Jahrmann

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Making Reality Really Real

Consciousness Reframed (11) edition


TEKS Publishing
Trondheim, Norway.