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October 2010

Bog Bodies

Williams, A E 2010, 'Bog Bodies', musical score/ performance, GNU / Radio MEC, Rio de janeiro, Brazil.


 This piece was commissioned performed by GNU (Gruppo Novo da UNIRIO), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and broadcast as part of the Sala de Concierto series on Brazil's leading Classical Music Radio network, MEC. It was subsequently performed by NYOS Futures in The Arches, Glasgow in February 2011 as part of the Music and Film festival, accompanied by a specially commissioned film by Adam Mulcahy and Damien Wilson. It was also performed by Psappha/Vaganza at the Martin Harris Centre for Performance, University of Manchester, as part of the New Music NorthWest festival.


 a youtube video exists of another performance of this piece:

the video commissioned for the Glasgow Music and Film festival 2011 is here:


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Composition Type
musical score/ performance.

GNU / Radio MEC
Rio de janeiro, Brazil.