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October 2009

Telematic Vision, exhibited in IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM

Sermon, P 2009, 'Telematic Vision, exhibited in IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM', exhibited at: ZKM | Center for Media and Art , Karlsruhe, Germany, from 10/10/2009 to 22/05/2011.


Paul Sermon began developing interactive installations while he was still a student. His principal aim was to create an intimate, communicative set-up over a distance and to develop open systems that give participating visitors the greatest possible creative scope. This also applies to his later Internet projects
'Telematic Vision' consists of a structure, identical in each case, at two locations that can be as far away from each other as wished, and are connected by telephone: a blue sofa, opposite it a large monitor, and a small monitor on each side of the sofa. A video camera records the events on the sofa and sends the images to a video mixer. The pictures from the two locations are mixed and transmitted to the large monitors. Additionally, live television images are fed in as a background. Person A sits on the blue sofa in one location. Person B sits on the blue sofa in the other location. On the large monitor the two people see themselves sitting together on a sofa, whose 'cover' is made up of television images.


The two (or more) people on the sofas can react to each other and to the situation through mime and gestures and communicate with each other. They find themselves together in a virtual space, despite the distance separating them. Sofa and television evoke the everyday situation of passive TV consumers, though here they are involved in an open, complex form of action and interaction. At the same time the people sitting on the sofa become actors performing in front of the public standing around them.


Oct. 10th, 2009-May. 22nd, 2011




ZKM | Media Museum
 Opening: Fri, October 9th, 7pm


For its twentieth anniversary, the ZKM | Center for Media and Art Karlsruhe will present, its best artistic productions in a lavishly planned review beginning on 10 October 2009.
As a digital Bauhaus and media laboratory with artistic and scientific research, productions, and presentations, ZKM Karlsruhe has answered the rapid developments in communication and information technologies and related social transformations since its founding in 1989. 


In its research institutes, more than 500 visiting artists from around the world have produced a great number of highly regarded works, which following their presentation in Karlsruhe, have been honored worldwide in biennales, festivals, and exhibitions thereby decisively contributing to shaping the face of media art for two decades. Through the continuous absorption of these works in the ZKM collection, started in the early 1990s by founding director Heinrich Klotz, Karlsruhe now has one of the most important collections of international media art.


What could be more appropriate for the anniversary of the politically and culturally far sighted founding of the ZKM than presenting its highly regarded productions in a major review and accompanying performances. In this way, the exhibition to open in October 2009, IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM aims at no less than reconstructing the international development of media art based on the best productions from the ZKM. 


Whereas the ZKM, as an avant-garde laboratory was able to hand over innovative hardware and software for the professional development of artistic works, at the same time, the survival of the works created by its visiting artists are endangered by precisely this rapid progress. Interactive media works, especially, are affected by rapid changes in data architecture, carrying media, and electronic equipment, as their media quality rests on the perfect meshing of software and hardware at the human-machine interface.


Since compelling technological reasons make it impossible to defer the preservation of media art to future generations, the project IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM has a two-fold task: for one, the best works from ZKM_Production will be reconstructed and made permanently accessible to a broad public in the exhibition IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM. For another, the methods that allow us to make these works available for future audiences will be analyzed and specified together with the most highly competent international partners in an international conference held at ZKM in October 2009.


Curators: Peter Weibel and Bernhard Serexhe


Co-Curators: Ludger Brümmer and Bernd Lintermann


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Publication Details

Exhibited Name
ZKM | Center for Media and Art

Karlsruhe, Germany

From 10/10/2009 to 22/05/2011.