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February 2012

Realising the potential of multimedia guides - practical experiences of developing mi-Guide

Linge, N & Booth, K & Bates, D & Parsons, D & Heatley, L & Webb, P & Holgate, R 2012, 'Realising the potential of multimedia guides - practical experiences of developing mi-Guide', Museum Management and Curatorship, 27(1), pp.67-82.


 Multimedia guides are an increasingly common feature within museums and galleries where they provide enhanced levels of interpretation and engagement. Their potential is well recognised in the literature and ongoing technological advances will ensure that their capabilities continue to expand. A key issue for many museums and galleries is to understand the practical realities of developing and operating a multimedia guide to truly realise its potential. In this article, we discuss our experiences developing the mi-Guide multimedia visitor guide at the Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester, UK) and share our experiences of the technical, digital design, content authorship and non-technical, people-related issues that need to be understood and addressed.


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Duncan Bates

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Museum Management and Curatorship