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January 2011

Supporting a longer labour and birth -one size does not fit all!

Davies, S E 2011 'Supporting a longer labour and birth -one size does not fit all! ', in: Sylvie, D (ed.), Promoting Normal Birth: research, reflections and guidelines, 1st edition, Fresh Heart Publishing, Durham , UK, pp.44-55.


 A book to help caregivers, researchers and students consider issues relating to normal birth. Material and chapters written by 38 researchers and/or practitioners from around the world.

“I strongly recommend this book to midwives, obstetricians, doctors and hospital administrators. It carefully reviews the scientific data.”  Marsden Wagner (ex- director of Women’s and Children’s Health,  World Health Organization).


Topics covered: routine interventions • epidurals • physiological third and fourth stages • longer labours and approaches to monitoring / intervention • most effective models of care • birth centres • home birth • mental health • doulas • reasons for intervention • links between research and practice • harmonising models of birth • caseload midwifery • including ‘normality’ on medical training courses • the symbolic value of birth • developments in China, the UAE, Brazil and other countries where dramatic changes are taking place (e.g. in sub-Saharan Africa) • the ‘natural’ caesarean • individual agents for change • intrapartum best practice • ways of supporting women labouring without pharmacological pain relief • water birth • VBAC • the role of regulatory bodies • ways of publicising your work • communication for best results • review of progress and pointers for future research 


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Donna Sylvie

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Promoting Normal Birth: research, reflections and guidelines

1st edition


Fresh Heart Publishing
Durham , UK.