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January 2008

Knowledge processing, codification and reuse model for communities of practice

Mihindu, S & Fernando, T & Khosrowshahi, F 2008, 'Knowledge processing, codification and reuse model for communities of practice', Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal, 3(Special Issue), pp.44-53.


Knowledge Management (KM) has been a widely received area for research and development for many decades. However combining the full Knowledge Management Cycle; knowledge capture, development, sharing and utilisation within the same infrastructure has not been successfully researched and a suitable remedy all-in-one application for virtual communities or Communities of Practice (CoP) has not been established. This article proposes models for knowledge analysis, knowledge processing, codifying and reuse, and finally elaborates on research prototypes that are being used in virtual community settings (i-FAB Community*, INTUITION Network**) for gathering knowledge management requirements of such environments. Further research works are also discussed in application of KM infrastructures and Virtual Machine Architectures within future workspaces.


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Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal

3(Special Issue)