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July 2009

Resilient Homes: Reward-based methods to motivate householders to address dangerous climate change

Bichard, E & Kazmierczak, A 2009, 'Resilient Homes: Reward-based methods to motivate householders to address dangerous climate change', for: Environment Agency, University of Salford, Salford, UK.


This report describes a research project by a team from the University of Salford that sought to explore the possibility of accelerating householder behaviour to address dangerous climate change by investing in energy saving and flood protection measures. The work was carried out within the national ‘Resilient Homes’ initiative which has been promoted and funded by the Environment Agency. Work on the first Phase of the project was carried out between January and June 2009. This part of the project tested householder attitudes towards climate change, and their willingness to accept responsibility for addressing its threats to their property. It reviewed ways in which communities threatened by climate change in other parts of the world had been engaged to take action, and it described the literature on work by others that tried to understand the social psychology that has been helpful in choosing the right tactics to engage communities on these issues. In particular, the Salford team investigated acceptance of methods that would induce desired behaviour by using positive influencing. Specific questions about the attractiveness of non-cash rewards were put to a range of householders to see if there was support for a pilot programme that invited householders to buy insulation, efficient boilers and flood protection in exchange for free rewards including (among others) fruit and vegetables, gardening, further education, and journeys on buses and trains.


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