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May 2010

Progression of UK Women Engineers: aids and hurdles

Takruri-Rizk, H & Sappleton, N & Sappleton, N 2010 'Progression of UK Women Engineers: aids and hurdles', in: Cater-Steel, A & Cater, E (eds.), Women in Engineering, Science and Technology: Education and Career Challenges, 1 edition, IGI Global, Hershey, USA, pp. 280-300.


Whilst evidence presented in recent scholarship suggests initiatives aimed at increasing female recruitment to the industry may be proving somewhat effective, retention of female engineers is falling, and there has been minimal progress on breaking down vertical segregation in the engineering workplace. In this chapter we explore the situation of women engineers in the UK; we examine, using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, whether women in engineering do indeed suffer from the application of descriptive and prescriptive stereotypes in the workplace, and how they are able to circumvent them. In particular, we instigate the factors, such as self-promotion and confidence, which may aid or hinder the progression of women’s careers.We urge educational institution and engineering industries and organisations to nurture such qualities. Our findings indicate that confidence and self-promotion should be high on the agenda of women engineers to survive and progress in the engineering industry.


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Women in Engineering, Science and Technology: Education and Career Challenges

1 edition


IGI Global
Hershey, USA.

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