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November 2011

Front Room for Believe, Digital Performance Lab

Sermon, P 2011, 'Front Room for Believe, Digital Performance Lab', exhibited at: The University of Salford Media City, Salford, UK, from 11/11/2011 to 12/11/2011.


Front Room utilizes internet videoconference and virtual-studio technology to locate remote participants in a simulated domestic ‘living-room’ setting by augmenting participants into the comfort of an ‘armchair drama’. This installation follows the development of a series of telecommunication art works Paul Sermon has produced since the early 1990s, using customised videoconferencing technology as a means of bringing geographically remote audiences together in

a shared telepresent interactive and performative setting. Front Room is a vacant space of potentiality; it is nothing without the presence of a viewer and the interactions of a user who create their own television program by becoming the voyeurs of their own spectacle. The original concept and structure of Front Room is an open framework, where the artwork itself emerges only through the participation of users and through their lived experience at a given moment in space and time. Bluntly put, the experience is the artwork. Therefore, sources representing such phenomenological information, whether textual, oral or visual, become the pivotal points of interest in the artwork.


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Publication Details

Exhibited Name
The University of Salford Media City

Salford, UK

From 11/11/2011 to 12/11/2011.