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February 2012

Exploring the Eco-attitudes and Buying Behaviour of Facebook Users

Kane, K & Chiru, C & Ciuchete, S G 2012, 'Exploring the Eco-attitudes and Buying Behaviour of Facebook Users', Amfiteatru Economic Journal, 14(31), pp.157-171.


Eco-friendly consumers’ attitudes are becoming increasingly frequent, recent research indicating that pro-environmental purchase behaviour not only lower costs on the long term, but also enhance business stakeholders’ and consumers’ confidence in high added value products and services. This paper undertakes an interdisciplinary research on how social media (i.e. Facebook) can influence users’ perceptions and buying behaviour related to five categories of ecological products and services (eco-food, eco-tourism, eco-housing, eco-textiles and eco-beauty & cosmetics). This research investigates how ecological products and services could gain popularity and overpass the identified purchasing barriers (e.g. high prices, low awareness, low availability) via superior integration in consumers’ daily experiences with Facebook. The research findings indicate that Facebook represents an effective and innovative environment that could build the necessary links between green attitudes and consumers’ hearts and minds.


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Codrin Chiru

Stela Georgiana Ciuchete

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Amfiteatru Economic Journal