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January 2012

Peer observation: a tool for CPD

Davys, D & Jones, V 2012 'Peer observation: a tool for CPD', in: HOng, C S & Harrison, D (eds.), Tools for Continuing Professional Development, 2 edition, Quay Books, London, United Kingdon, pp.63-73.



Peer observation is a form of peer review within teaching; a partnership in which
colleagues observe each others’ practice, provide feedback and engage in a
discussion aimed to promote reflection (Bell, 2002). Other objectives include the
identification of strengths and developmental needs, and the formulation of an
action plan for further improvement (Hammersley-Fletcher and Orsmond, 2005).
Depending on the wishes of the person being observed, feedback may
focus on general performance or more specifically on teaching and learning
strategies, assessment or the achievement of learning outcomes (Hatzipanagos
and Lygo-Baker, 2006). A further observation can be used to assess if intended
improvements have been achieved. The process has potential benefits for both
parties, since observers may incorporate observed good practice into their own
teaching (Bell, 2002).


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Tools for Continuing Professional Development

2 edition


Quay Books
London, United Kingdon.