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January 2012

The role of the midwife in improving normal birth rates in obese women.

Swann, L & Davies, S E 2012, 'The role of the midwife in improving normal birth rates in obese women.', British Journal of Midwifery, 20, pp.7-12.


 Obesity in pregnancy is widely recognised as being associated with an increased risk of adverse outcomes for both mother and baby. While the increased risks are well documented, most of the evidence to date has arisen from a medical perspective, with little midwifery or consumer-focused research available. A mindset that obesity inevitably equates to a reduced chance of normality may adversely affect care, increasing interventions and reducing the woman's chance of a normal delivery. This article argues for individualized holistic care for obese women. It considers the role of the midwife and examines midwifery interventions during antenatal and intrapartum care that may be of value in improving rates of normal delivery for this group of women. Further midwifery research is required to establish which aspects of care are effective at reducing the rates of intervention for obese women and subsequently improving outcomes. (43 references) (Author)


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British Journal of Midwifery