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October 2011


Mellors, N 2011, VENT CONTROLLING APPARATUS , WO2011104290.


A vent controlling apparatus (10) comprising an actuator (18, 30, 23) adapted to open and close a vent, means for converting energy (16) to provide power for the actuator, and control means (60) operative to control the actuator in response to a wirelessly transmitted control signal. The actuator may be a chain actuator and the means for converting energy may be a solar panel or photovoltaic cell. Wireless transmission by a remote transmitter (51) of one or more control signals may be used to remotely control the operation of the actuator to open or close a vent. A remote transmitter may be adapted to transmit an open or close command without user input to thereby automate the opening and closing operation. Automated operation of the vent may be dependent upon an environmental condition.


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