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August 2012

Implementation of Automatic Gas Monitoring in a Domestic Energy Management System

Liu, Q & Linge, N & Lynch, V 2012, 'Implementation of Automatic Gas Monitoring in a Domestic Energy Management System', IEEE Trans on Consumer Electronics, 58(3), pp.781-786.


A domestic energy management system provides effective positive behaviour change by offering end users direct and ambient feedback based on their monitored energy consumption and experiences. DEHEMS, as a wide scale domestic energy monitoring and managing system differs from others by enabling real-time and historical electricity monitoring and feedback. However, there is also a requirement to be able to monitor and report domestic gas consumption in order to reason and represent more complete energy feedback information to achieve effect positive behaviour changes. In this paper, we present the gas monitoring system in DEHEMS, that implements automatic retrieval of gas readings. We describe how the system is designed, integrated within the DEHEMS architecture, as well as its implementation and deployment.


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IEEE Trans on Consumer Electronics