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November 2012

Experimental Application Workshop and Exhibition

Sermon, P & Gould, C 2012, 'Experimental Application Workshop and Exhibition', exhibited at: College of Fine Arts Shanghai University, Shanghai, China, from 04/11/2012 to 17/11/2012.


Students and staff from the School of Art and Design at the University of Salford, Megan Jones level 6 BA Hons Graphic Design, Sunjoy Prabakaran, MA Creative Technology, Professor Paul Sermon and Charlotte Gould, programme leader Graphic Design, have been invited by Shanghai University to join the Experimental Application Workshop. Here they will be working in a team with students from Shanghai University to develop an App for a mobile device. The starting point for the concept is a project developed for the Decode/Recode project presented at the Official Opening of Media City  on March 23rd 2012, “Neutral String Network”. 

Here they will be working in a team with students from Shanghai University including Cai Jianjun PhD, Chang Hao, Han Rong, Song Panpan, all MA Graphic Design and Hong Jing, Qin Mian, BA Graphic Design to develop an App for a mobile device. Universities involved include Shanghai University, MIT Media Lab, RMIT Australia and University of Salford.


 2012 “Interactive Design” - Experimental Application Workshop


Co- sponsored by the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, Shanghai Creative Designers’ Association, the Creative Center of Public Art and Virtual Lab, 2012 “Interactive Design” Creation Workshop will be held in November 2012.?Goal and Significance: We aim at providing exchanges and learning opportunities for “interactive design” at both home and abroad; and recommend related companies for outstanding students who participate in the workshop. Content and requirements: The creation is based on location services (LBS) and app in ios system for multiple people. The subject may include games and applications, etc. The app’s interface is a touchable user interface (natural interface) without button.The workshop will include multiple teams, each of which is constituted by 2 to 4 people. The members are teachers and students from different schools. The final works will be exhibited in the exhibition hall of the Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University, and a special website will be set up accordingly. Object of the Workshop: Guest teams; or undergraduate and graduate students at home and abroad who are now in school or have recently graduated.

Publication Details

Exhibited Name
College of Fine Arts Shanghai University

Shanghai, China

From 04/11/2012 to 17/11/2012.