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October 2013

An artists approach to board games

Ingleson, S 2013 'An artists approach to board games ', in: Moseley, A & Whitton, N (eds.), ┐New traditional games for learning┐ A Case Book. , 1 edition, Routledge, New York, USA.


  This case study focuses on the development of board games within an arts educational context and looks at how methods of generating creative content and reflective practice within the board game mechanics can be adapted to other subject areas. I discuss three board games: ‘Proposal’, a game that encourages players to evidence their creative processes. Student Life’, a game in development aimed at new students from all subject areas as an induction to the university; and ‘Studio Practice’’, a board game designed to be played by first-year undergraduate art students that reflects aspects of studio culture at university and encourages idea generation and peer group working. The game has its own archive that is added to during game play and continues to be used with BA(Hons) Visual Arts students as learning and teaching device.


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┐New traditional games for learning┐ A Case Book.

1 edition

New York, USA.