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September 2013

Traumatic brain injury in children part 2: Recovery process and outcomes

Braine, M 2013, 'Traumatic brain injury in children part 2: Recovery process and outcomes', British Journal of School Nursing, 8(7), pp.330-335.


Traumatic brain injury continues to be the leading cause of acquired disability in childhood. The vast majority of children who sustain a traumatic brain injury have a good prognosis, and return home and to school or nursery. However, traumatic brain injury can impact on the child’s long-term development. The ongoing monitoring of children following a traumatic brain injury becomes the responsibility of primary healthcare professionals, educators and the family. For school aged children the school nurse is in a prime position to monitor the child’s progress. In order to identify potential problems and offer support to the child and family the school nurse must understand the recovery process following injury, and the short-term complications and long-term outcomes. Implementing appropriate early interventions, if required, will maximise the child’s health and development. This article will outline the role of the school in meeting the needs of the child following traumatic brain injury and their family.


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British Journal of School Nursing