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April 2013


Barfield, R & Barfield, N & Walker, A 2013, 'geographies1', exhibited at: Other Shore Arts Institute & Gallery, 751 D-Park, 798 Arts District, Beijing, China, from 06/04/2013 to 06/05/2013.


Developing long-standing research focused on Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’, where alternative configurations of urban experience correspond to psychological states, Raz Barfield's work in this exhbition challenged assumptions regarding the notional objectivity of conventional maps, investigating the conjunction between deciphering symbolic representations and reconstructing narratives.


This was the first public exhibition of limited edition folio ‘geographies1’, published by 2bstudios (research and practice studio in London, run by Professor Naren Barfield and Raz Barfield). The exhibition in the Dashanzi arts district in Beijing was supported by Other Shore Arts Institute & Gallery in 751 D-Park, the Academy of Art & Design at Dalian University, the Royal College of Art, the University of Salford, 2bstudios, and Eyecon (digital print publishing unit run by Professor Naren Barfield and Professor Allan Walker). The invitation to exhibit followed an institutional visit made by Raz Barfield to Dalian University (May 2012), lecturing on his research and print practice, and was suggested by Professor Shi Fang, President of the Acadmy of Arts & Design in Dalian University, as a means of increasing exposure oin China to contemporary practice-based research, and of supporting the development of ideas-led practices in China, amongst learners, academic and the public.


Exploring the conceptual reconstruction and interpretation of notionally objective ‘reality’ through graphic idioms deployed in maps, and through overlaying notations of recorded events or memories, or urban journeys re-enacted in pursuit of reconstructing past experience, Raz Barfield’s work questioned some principles of the conventional topographical map (Broton, Harley & Woodward, et al), exploring their potential to function as metaphors for experience.


Subsequent outcomes include an invitation to participate in a further exhibitions, in Dalian, in association with the Academy, and to progress deeper institutional collaboration with the University, including joint exhibitions, shared research and associated exchange activities. An edition of the geographies1 folio was procured by the collection of Dalian University.



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Other Shore Arts Institute & Gallery, 751 D-Park, 798 Arts District

Beijing, China

From 06/04/2013 to 06/05/2013.