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November 2013

Desiginig a novel virtual collaborative environment to support collaboration in design review meetings

Fernando, T & Wu, K & May, B 2013, 'Desiginig a novel virtual collaborative environment to support collaboration in design review meetings', Journal of Information Technology in Construction, 18, pp.372-396.



Project review meetings are part of the project management process and are organised to assess progress and resolve any design conflicts to avoid delays in construction. One of the key challenges during a project review meeting is to bring the stakeholders together and use this time effectively to address design issues as quickly as possible. At present, current technology solutions based on BIM or CAD are information-centric and do not allow project teams to collectively explore the design from a range of perspectives and brainstorm ideas when design conflicts are encountered. This paper presents a system architecture that can be used to support multi-functional team collaboration more effectively during such design review meetings. The proposed architecture illustrates how information-centric BIM or CAD systems can be made human- and team-centric to enhance team communication and problem solving. An implementation of the proposed system architecture has been tested for its utility, likability and usefulness during design review meetings. The evaluation results suggest that the collaboration platform has the potential to enhance collaboration among multi-functional teams. 


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Kuo-cheng Wu

Bassanino May

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Journal of Information Technology in Construction