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December 2015

Talent » Its Application to the Thai Hospitality Industry

Kaewsaeng-on, R & Kane, K & Vundla, S 2015, 'Talent » Its Application to the Thai Hospitality Industry', International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, Vol.6(6), pp.2010-0248 .


Talent is widely known as the main driver of business success. Therefore, the ability to manage talent effectively has become critical in the current business environment. However, there is lack of clarity on the concept of talent in different context. The hospitality industry is customer oriented and reliant on low skilled workers; and thus the lack of clarity of the concept of talent is more ┐pronounced┐ within this industry. The research therefore investigates how the concept of talent is applied. The research used qualitative research methods to get an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. In total 38 semi-structured interviews were conducted with management level personnel. Data from the interviews was supplemented by documentation and observations; and this ensured triangulation of the responses and thus increased validity of the research. The research uncovered that the concept of talent was widely applied amongst the participating hotels. However, there is lack of consistency in how ┐talent┐ is defined. Generally, talent is defined as high potential or high performance; and the qualities of talent included competence, commitment and contribution. Thus, talent is viewed as the sum of individual competence, commitment and contribution. Talent referred to key positions ┐ that is, ┐talent┐ implied some workers rather than all workers in the organisation. Moreover, talent was more an acquired rather than natural ability; and this depended on the organization┐s context and the ability of the individual to transfer previous experiences to ┐fit┐ with the current environment or situation.


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Rudsada Kaewsaeng-on

Sinini Vundla

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International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology


2010-0248 .