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January 2016

A mixed reality telepresence system for collaborative space operation

Fairchild, A J & Campion, S P & Jimenez, A S G & Wolff, R & Fernando, T & Roberts, D 2016, 'A mixed reality telepresence system for collaborative space operation', Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 99.


This paper presents a Mixed Reality system that
results from the integration of a telepresence system and an application to improve collaborative space exploration. The system combines free viewpoint video with immersive projection technology to support non-verbal communication, including eye gaze, inter-personal distance and facial expression. Importantly, these can be interpreted together as people move around the simulation, maintaining natural social distance. The  application is a simulation of Mars, within which the collaborators must come to agreement over, for example, where the Rover should land and go.
The first contribution is the creation of a Mixed Reality system supporting contextualization of non-verbal communication. Two technological contributions are prototyping a technique to
subtract a person from a background that may contain physical objects and/or moving images, and a light weight texturing method for multi-view rendering which provides balance in
terms of visual and temporal quality. A practical contribution is the demonstration of pragmatic approaches to sharing space between display systems of distinct levels of immersion. A
research tool contribution is a system that allows comparison of conventional authored and video based reconstructed avatars, within an environment that encourages exploration and social interaction. Aspects of system quality, including the communication of facial expression and end-to-end latency are reported.


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Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology