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Report for External Body
January 2017

Promoting diversity and inclusiveness in dementia services in Salford

Ahmed, A & Wilding, M & Haworth, R & McCaughan, S 2017, 'Promoting diversity and inclusiveness in dementia services in Salford', for: Salford CVS, University of Salford, Manchester, UK.


Although dementia is now recognised as the most serious health and social care challenge facing UK society, there is little knowledge of the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people with dementia. The National Dementia Strategy states that health and social care services should take account of BME dementia needs; yet, service providers report challenges in including BME people and there is evidence that people from BME backgrounds are currently being ┐failed┐ by the system. Additionally, among the UK┐s BME population there are lower levels of awareness of dementia and high levels of stigma associated with the condition. Further, people from BME backgrounds are underrepresented in dementia services and present to services late. This research, funded by the Joint Health and Wellbeing Innovation Fund, has been undertaken by a team at the University of Salford, led by Dr Anya Ahmed. It was timely to conduct this study as Salford┐s minority ethnic population has increased and diversified over the last decade and these trends are set to continue. The aims of the study were: to improve access to dementia services for BME communities in Salford; increase carer identification and registration; raise awareness of the needs of Salford┐s diverse communities; and to increase staff knowledge/develop evidence-based decision-making relating to minority communities who may access dementia services/general health and social care related services in Salford.

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Salford CVS

University of Salford
Manchester, UK