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May 2018


Megas, M & Adams, K 2018, 'Trapped', Interdisciplinary dance, theatre, participatory, Onassis Cultural Centre with the Greek National Theatre, Greek National Theatre, Athens, Greece.


Trapped,by choreographer Medie Megas, is an interdisciplinary performance exploring key moments of opposition and conflict in Greece’s history through the lens of Isadora Duncan’s visits to Athens in 1903 and 1915. Interweaving movement, texts, exhibition and an invitation to dine, eight performers take you on a journey through constructions of our past into an imagined present and future.

Kate adams was dramaturg and performer for this project.


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Medie Megas

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Performance Type
Interdisciplinary dance, theatre, participatory

Performed At
Greek National Theatre, Athens, Greece

Produced By
Onassis Cultural Centre with the Greek National Theatre