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March 2017

And by the Way the Cat is Dead

Adams, K 2017, 'And by the Way the Cat is Dead', SPCA ; FAB; DBD Festival; Beep#Kate Adams Dramaturgy; University of Salford#Kate Adams Dramaturgy; University of Salford#Wellington, Paris, Bath, Salford, Athens#New Zealand, France, UK, Greece.


 What does it mean to mourn and what rituals can we find to help us express our loss?  And By the Way the Cat is Dead is a solo show combining bad jokes, autobiography, quotations, poetry and musical interruptions in a doomed struggle to mourn the death of friend. In this performance, you are invited to witness Kate piecing together fragments to build a lament, and you are offered the chance to write something on a postcard and send it on to future audiences.

In this new work, Kate asks the question can sharing the struggle to voice our grief open up a space where we accept our collective anxieties around mourning?


Artist: Kate Adams
Dramaturgical advice: Medie Megas
Technical manager: Phillippa Howarth
Thanks for technical support to James Kururangi (NZ) and Hannah Rogers (NZ)
Documentation: Joshua Lewis, Performing Writing; University of Salford; Phillippa Howarth.

With thanks to ΜΠΙΠ Theatre, and to the University of Salford for their support for the development of this work.


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Publication Details

Performance Type
SPCA ; FAB; DBD Festival; Beep

Performed At
Kate Adams Dramaturgy; University of Salford, Wellington, Paris, Bath, Salford, Athens, New Zealand, France, UK, Greece

Produced By
Kate Adams Dramaturgy; University of Salford