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December 2005

The economics of food safety in small catering businesses

Kane, K 2005, 'The economics of food safety in small catering businesses', -Food Standards Agency Report, pp.0.


Food safety management systems impose demands and costs on all food businesses but these have been viewed as disproportionate for very small businesses which have to apportion additional food safety costs over their lower rates of sales turnover. Little research has been undertaken into the financial benefits that may accrue for small and less managerially developed food businesses who implement HACCP systems. The small restaurant sector is also under-researched. This report explores the costs and benefits reported by a randomly selected sample of 50 restaurants in the Greater Manchester Area who have implemented the new HACCP based system Safer Food Better Business (SFBB). An analysis of the results shows clearly that the added value achieved by those businesses successfully operating SFBB has a financial value that can be measured and matched against costs in order to determine overall cost versus benefit. This calculation shows that a positive return on the investment required to implement a HACCP based system can be achieved in less than 18 months for most small catering businesses.




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-Food Standards Agency Report.