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Journal Article (Refereed)
December 2007

Building Trust in Construction Projects

Khalfan, M M & McDermott, P & Swan, W 2007, 'Building Trust in Construction Projects', Supply Chain Management: an International Journal (in press), 12(6), pp.385-391.


The objective of this paper is to present different perspectives on building “trust” among supply chain participants working on construction projectsA case study methodology was adopted; with five construction projects selected as five case studies for the trust in construction project on the basis a selection criteria devised for the research project. Over 40 interviews were conducted with participants operating at different levels in their respective organisations and at different point in the supply chainThe information provided by the multiple informants was, to a large extent, consistent with much of the academic literature relating to the importance of and barriers to trust. Specifically, the case studies highlighted: what people within the construction industry understand by trust, reliance, and honest professional relationship; the key factors that contribute towards building trust and factors that result into breakdown of trust; and organisational and project related factors that influence trust and relationships among people within the industry.



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Supply Chain Management: an International Journal (in press)