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Osborne has announced an extra £30m to speed up the adoption process. This comes amid concern that hard up local authorities may be resistant to paying £27,000 to an adoption agency to find an approved prospective adopter for a child. The new money will help them cover these costs.

During the term of the coalition government, the number of children being adopted roseand then fell. The government is keen to bring numbers back up with this extra funding and by creating regional adoption agencies. For children waiting to be adopted this is positive as it increases the pool of adopter’s available to them.

But this glimmer of sunshine is set against a much gloomier sky. The Institute for Fiscal Studies reports that England&squo;s poorest communities have been most affected by austerity measures. This trend is set to continue as Osborne ploughs on with his extra £12bn in cuts. Unfortunately, the personal cost of social policies on adopted children and their birth families rarely figures in budgetary spending plans.