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George House Trust (GHT) is a voluntary sector organisation located in Manchester, England, providing campaigning and services for those living with HIV. As gay men with HIV live longer the issues of provision in older age become of more relevance to the men themselves and to service planning within organisations such as GHT. GHT undertook a consultation exercise with gay men who are service users to gain their views on their hopes and fears for their older age and how GHT could respond to this through service development. 3 groups of gay men living with HIV were invited to take part in a modified focus group research exercise. The groups were allocated based on age: 30-39; 40-49, and 50+. Each group had a facilitator and a scribe to record key issues raised. The same series of questions was posed to each group and the key issues recorded on flip chart paper. All the responses were then made available for all groups to view and further discussion was recorded. The groups took place at the GHT premises during one evening. 30 men took part. The data is to be analysed thematically to understand the key issues raised by the groups; to recognise similarities and differences between the groups and to be clearer about informing the strategic development of policies for GHT. Provisional indications are that there are interesting messages about the sort of services gay men living with HIV view as desirable for their older age which should provide important information for service planning. This limited research exercise produced a significant contribution to service-user led planning for the needs of older gay men living with HIV