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Journal Article (Refereed)
January 2003

Use of transcutaneous nerve stimulation to treat sensory loss after stroke

Tyson, S 2003, 'Use of transcutaneous nerve stimulation to treat sensory loss after stroke', Physiother Res Int.


Objective: To assess the effect of a slider shoe on the gait speed and energy efficiency of hemiplegic gait Design: ABA single case design to compare walking with and without the slider shoe. Results were assessed graphically using the 2SD method. Setting: Stroke unit of an NHS general hospital Subjects: Four acute stroke patients undergoing gait rehabilitation Intervention: Walking practise with and without a slider shoe worn over the real shoe of the weak leg. Main outcome measures: Gait speed (10m walk test) and energy efficiency (Physiological Cost Index) Results: All subjects showed an improvement in speed and efficiency when wearing the slider shoe compared to the baseline phase (A1). Three subjects showed a sustained improvement in efficiency and two showed a sustained improvement in speed in the 2nd baseline phase (A2). Conclusion: A slider shoe may improve the speed and efficiency of hemiplegic gait for people in the early stages of gait rehabilitation. Further investigation is warranted.




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Physiother Res Int

Vol 8, Iss 1