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Journal Article (Refereed)
November 2004

The development of the Stroke Physiotherapy Intervention Recording Tool (SPIRIT)

Tyson, S & Selly, A 2004, 'The development of the Stroke Physiotherapy Intervention Recording Tool (SPIRIT)', Disability & Rehabilitation.


Purpose: To develop a recording system that describes physiotherapy interventions for the rehabilitation of postural control post-stroke. Methods: Design: A draft recording tool was developed using the method described by Edwards et al12, involving literature searches and collaboration with senior clinicians. It was piloted with stroke physiotherapists using a cross-sectional survey design to assess validity, utility and completeness. Participants used the recording tool to record 5 treatment sessions. Feedback regarding the utility and completeness of the system was obtained via short semi-structured interviews. Setting: 11 NHS Trusts. Participants: 35 stroke physiotherapists working in acute and rehabilitation settings recorded the treatment of 120 patients in 590 treatment sessions Results: A double-sided A4 form with a checklist of 79 physiotherapy interventions in 9 categories was produced: the Stroke Physiotherapy Intervention Recording Tool (SPIRIT). The participants found it quick and easy to use and reflective of clinical practice. There were a few missing interventions and some confusion regarding definition of terms. Revisions were to include the omitted interventions and to produce a user's booklet defining the categories and interventions. Conclusions: SPIRIT provides a system for recording physiotherapy treatment for stroke patients which reflects current clinical practice in acute and rehabilitation settings.




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Disability & Rehabilitation

Vol 26, Iss 20